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Environmentally-Conscious Celebrities Leading The Way


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I have become obsessed with a new show on Netflix; partly because I love the topic and the other part because I love the host. Basically combinging two of the things I find most hot in the world has led me to a few heart palpatations for Zac Efron’s new show Down To Earth

The eight-episode show stars Zac Efron and his health-guru friend Darin Olien as they explore different parts of the world celebarting sustainable cultures and communities. It’s absolutely fascinating how Iceland harnesses sustainable power, or how Parisians have access to some of the best, cleanest water in the world via water fountains all over the city.

The show is very informative and extremely easy on the eyes (Zac, you are a dreamboat). 

You’ve heard the saying “with great power comes great responsibility.” It is comforting to hear celebrities spending time and money to spread awareness about sustainable living and different ways we can remedy climate change. 

There are a number of praiseworthy environmentalist celebrities who make going green look cool (because it is, duh). The more that people who have large public forums can spread the message of plastic pollution and climate change, the more likely that message resonates with the rest of the population. 

From what they drive to what they wear, these green celebrities of 2020 are doing their part to save the planet. And showing us ways that we can, too.

Celebrities With Green Homes

While we often think of the rich and famous spending their millions on multi-car garages, giant swimming pools and closets the size of studio apartments, there are some who direct their housing funds in more earth-conscious directions. A-listers like Daryl Hannah, Julia Roberts, Lisa Ling, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, have installed solar panels to reduce their homes’ carbon footprints (and we’re talking some big footprints). Johnny Depp took it up a notch by converting his 35-acre island home-away-from-home into a self-sustaining solar-hydrogen-powered habitat. 

Ed Begly, Jr. is another celeb who puts green living in the forefront. In his eco-based reality show Living With Ed, he and his family showcase their mission to reach complete energy efficient and sustainable living. He’s now working on building “North America’s greenest, most sustainable [LEED Platinum certified] home.”

But it’s not all about exorbitant funding when it comes to creating a greener home. Celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Gisele and Tom invested in energy efficient appliances and lighting, and recycled materials when it came to designing their homes. Now there’s something even we can afford! 

Celebrities Who Support Ethical Fashion

What happens to most of those multi-thousand-dollar designer dresses when an award show is over? Usually they’re returned to the designer’s archive, never to be seen again. What a waste. Thankfully, there are a number of celebrities who are turning away from such excess and pursuing eco-friendly style. These stars show that upcycled and vintage looks are totally in right now. Leaders in the sustainable fashion movement include starlets Stella McCartney, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson and Olivia Wilde.

Top British designer, Stella McCartney, has built studios, offices, and stores all powered by wind energy. McCartney designs organic clothing, shoes, and bags that leave less of a mark on the planet, using vegan and vegetarian leather, and wood and recycled fabrics in all of products. In addition, Stella McCartney signed up to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Global Commitment, pledging to drastically reduce the plastic that they use. By 2025, all the plastic used by the company will be recycled, recyclable or compostable (or even better, plastic free).

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second biggest contributor to pollution (second only to the oil industry)? Emma Watson does. That’s why she’s vowed to only wear sustainable fashion on the red carpet from now on. In addition to creating her own clothing lines with upcycled fabrics and fair trade practices, she’s launched the “Feel Good Style” website that supports sustainable fashion and natural beauty. 

Olivia Wilde is another fabulous fan of green carpet fashion. To show that sustainable can be stylish, she’s worked with H&M to create a collection made from recycled fabrics. She also co-spearheaded Conscious Commerce, an online marketplace that integrates global brands with sustainable business models. 

Celebrities That Have Started Eco-Friendly Businesses

Award-winning actor Woody Harrelson created a paper company, Step Forward Paper, that is made of up of 80% wheat straw waste and 20% Wood-Fibre which is FSC ® certified. Step Forward Paper’s long-term goal is to revolutionize the pulp and paper industry by building a first-of-its-kind state-of-the-art eco mill in Canada to make 100% tree-free chlorine-free paper from agricultural waste.

Pharrell Williams‘ is all about reducing plastic pollution and supporting a circular economy with his brand Bionic Yarn, which recycles marina plastics into insanely fashionable pieces.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a real life hero, starting Studio 189, a company that promotes and supports African brands and encourages handmade and traditional techniques. The company uses all sustainable materials like organic cotton. They are also using the fabric for the face masks they’ve started producing in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Celebrities With Green Rides

Aside from where celebrities live and what they’re wearing, the adoring public yearns to know what they’re driving. Notoriously known for motoring around in gas guzzling sports cars and stretch limousines, many celebs are now embracing the green movement. Starting in 2007 Penelope Cruz and some other celebs (including Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio) teamed up with Global Green USA to provide 30+ alternative fuel vehicles to chauffeur celebrities to and from the Academy Awards, helping to offset the carbon emissions of standard limos.

Whether it’s the $100,000+ electric Fisker Karma sported by Leonardo DiCaprio, or the humble Toyota Prius driven by Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba, these eco-conscious celebrities are taking their conviction on the road. The environment loves electric vehicles because they reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change. Celebrities like Jay Leno, Katy Perry, Jaden Smith, and Stephen Spielberg love them, too. They all drive Teslas. Meanwhile, Prince Charles took earth friendly driving in another direction with a bioethanol-burning Aston Martin DB5. Woody Harrelson also embraces biofuel by motoring around in a VW Beetle Biodiesel. 

Super Celebrity Conservationists

Being a celebrity environmentalist isn’t all about putting on a show for the cameras. When the paparazzi’s not around, some celebrities contribute countless hours and dollars to the causes they believe in. Take Selma Hayek for example. She’s on the board of Global Green USA, working to provide clean drinking water to people around the world while fighting global warming. Ben Aflek founded the Eastern Congo Initiative that works to protect people and natural resources of the region. Meanwhile, Matt Damon co-founded water.org, a non-profit that’s dedicated to the global water crisis and bringing clean water to the masses. And not to harp on Leo DiCaprio, but he did just launch the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which supports global projects to build climate resiliency and protect wildlife.

And then there’s celebrities who take up an issue that’s nearest and dearest to our hearts: the Earth’s waters. Hayden Panettiere, International Spokesperson for the Whaleman Foundation, is a big supporter of the ocean and its inhabitants. She (along with actors Isabel Lucas and Pierce Brosnan) works to raise awareness while protesting the slaughter of whales and dolphins. Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, Jack Johnson spreads his ocean dedication with his fans by banning plastic drinking bottles from many of his concerts. Other celebrities who donate their time and funds to Oceana, an international organization that works to protect the world’s oceans, include Kate Walsh, Adam Grenier, Jeff Goldblum, and January Jones.

These famous folks and so many other wonderful human beings their part to bring environmentalism into the public eye. Even without the hefty bank accounts, we can use them as models to inspire eco-friendly choices in our own lives. This includes things like shopping at thrift stores instead of designer boutiques, buying clothing made using upcycled materials, choosing energy efficient light bulbs for your home, or volunteering to help clean up a waterway. Check out any of the links to the organizations mentioned above to see other ways you can make a difference. And if you need inspiration, just look to the stars.



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