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Reusable Kids Face Mask – Black or White

It’s very important that children wear face masks when outside of their homes to prevent spreading Coronavirus Covid-19. These super comfortable face masks come in black and white and are perfectly sized to fit a smaller face. With three layers of protection and a nice cotton feel, these reusable face masks for kids will come in handy for years to come.


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  • White
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There is increasing evidence that the virus can be spread by pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers. If you look at photographs or video of people walking in the Czech Republic or Hong Kong, two countries where the Covid-19 epidemic appears to be contained, almost everyone is wearing a face mask. The C.D.C recommends everyone should now be wearing a mask out in public to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. These Face Masks are unique because they have two layers of protection against germs and come in four different sizes so you can make sure you get the best fit to prevent viruses.

Face Mask For Kids

This face mask is perfectly sized to fit a child's smaller face and is washable and reusable. Made from 100% cotton, comfort is very important in a face mask for kids because they won't be tempted to remove a mask with a high comfort level. This face cover comes with three layers of protection from dust, odor, pollutants, and viruses.

While there is much to be learned about the novel coronavirus, it appears that many people who are infected are spreading the virus – through coughs, sneezes and other respiratory droplets – for 48 hours before they start feeling sick. That's why wearing a mask even if you don't feel sick can be a good idea. If you cough or sneeze, the mask can catch those respiratory droplets so they don't land on other people or surfaces.

Covid 19 Face Mask For Kids

This Face Mask covers your nose and mouth and is secured with elastic bands that wrap around the ears.

Made with a soft fabric that is easy to breathe through. These Face Masks are washable and reusable.

When wearing a mask and someone sneezes on you, your face mask would protect you only if you are wearing it properly and you do not touch the mask and then your face afterward. Those droplets from a cough or sneeze would hit your mask instead of your mouth and nose.

Please always wash your face mask after each use. When you remove your face mask, use the elastic and not the front of the mask so you do not infect your hands.

It's a big no-no to pull the mask down to eat a snack, then pull it back up because you risk getting the germs on your hands and in your mouth.


  • Fits children
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Cotton
  • Comfortable Design
  • 3 Layers of Protection from Dust, Odor, viruses and Pollutants


  • Elastic open ended straps
  • 11.5cm x 15cm
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